Q. How much do Reballs® cost? 

A. The retail price for one box of Reballs® is only $160.00 or about $0.32 per Reball®


Q. What caliber are Reballs®? 

A. Reball® is a .680 bore and each Reball® can be shot over 2,000 times each! ​​


Q. Are there any other uses for Reballs® besides running drills? ​

A.  Reballs® are excellent to test and tech your marker without having to use costly paintballs.


Q. How much money can Reballs® save me? ​

A. Each Reball® can be shot over 2,000 times.  There are 500 Reballs® per box.  500 Reballs® x 2,000 shots = 1,00,000 shots.  That’s equivalent to 500 cases of paintballs!!!


Q. Does temperature or moisture affect Reballs®? 

A. No! Reballs® are impervious to all weather. ​


Q. Do I need to use a lubricant like the other synthetic paintballs? 

A. No. In fact, never use lubricant on Reballs® as it can
damage them. 


Q. Do Reballs® hurt? 

A. Reball® does not hurt any more than a real paintball.  Just do the math.  Joules equation (joules is impact energy) Grams x fps - x/100= joules. 


Q. Do Reballs® need to be washed?  If so, how hard is it? ​

A. Reballs® do need washing after use.  Reballs® float in water so the dirt comes off during the wash and goes to the bottom.  No scrubbing or soap needed.  Simply rinse your Reballs® and let air dry before use.