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Reball ® makes the best reusable paintless paintballs on the planet.  Don't be fooled by companies claiming to sell Reballs ®.  There is only ONE Reball ®. Reball ® USA

History of Reball ®

Reball® was developed in Europe as an alternative to traditional paintballs.  We set out to create a reusable, synthetic, paint-less paintball™ that you could fire again and again.  This would increase the ability of a player to practice while decreasing the amount of money you would spend on paintballs.  We believe that the focus of any player should be their dedication to the sport of paintball and how much time and energy you are willing to contribute to becoming a better player.  That is why Reball ® is absolutely the best reusable, synthetic, paint-less paintball™ on the planet today, it was designed by players for players.  Don't be fooled by companies that claim to be Reball®.  There is only one Reball®.  Reball® is trademarked in over 34 countries and played on almost every continent.  Accept no substitutions or fakes.  No other ball can claim to be the genuine Reball®.  Reballs ® work with all standard paintball gear.